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Generate the right leads quickly and consistently

Paid search is one of the quickest ways to generate leads but only when it's done right. Focus on the wrong search terms, and you end up spending money getting clicks that will never convert. Get it right, and the leads will consistently flow in. And the best part is you have full control of the flow. You can turn your ads on and off to suit your capacity – that's why we call it Leads on Tap.


Get clicks that convert

There's no point getting found in a search if nobody clicks through to your site. And there's no point getting loads of click-throughs if they don't turn into sales. That's why we focus on choosing the right keywords and creating landing pages that convert. Our tried and tested PPC approach is designed to get you leads quickly and consistently.

Using a combination of paid and organic search strategies, we set up campaigns that get your brand in front of people who are searching for your services right now.

  • Keyword research
  • Campaign set up
  • Optimised landing pages
  • Google AdWords Set up
  • Ads management
  • Monthly reporting
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The great thing about PPC is you can adjust your ad spend to increase and decrease the number of new leads you get. This allows you to grow your business at a rate that fits with your plans.

Keyword research

The first step of any paid search campaign is thorough keyword research. Understanding what people are searching for and which searches you want to appear in enables us to optimise your ads for maximum return.

Lead Conversion & Optimization

Too many websites and landing pages are confusing and don't make it clear what you offer or what steps you want the reader to take next. We fix this for you by

Ongoing Analysis

We monitor your PPC campaigns daily, tracking results and refining the campaign to ensure a low cost of acquisition. By analysing your data and acting on the findings, we can maximise your return on ad spend.

Analytics Review

Your Google analytics will provide a wealth of data that will enable us to get you the best results. We'll use your analytics to optimise click-through and conversion rates and keep you informed of what's working.

CTA Refinement 

Getting your ads seen and generating clicks is only beneficial if we can convert those clicks into enquiries. We test, measure and refine each call to action (CTA) to determine which have the highest conversion rates.

A/B Testing

Effective Google ad campaigns rely on finding the optimal combination of ads, landing pages and call to actions. We achieve this by continually testing different combinations, measuring the results and acting on the data.

My experience working with Blurt Group Ltd has been phenomenal. They were able deep dive into my company and take our strengths and pinpoint our weaknesses while guiding us toward the path of success and growth. The team is efficient and know the MSP industry very well. They would be an asset to any MSP business, regardless of the size. I highly recommend their services.

Halima Wanamaker| Founder | Vemtech

We engaged with Blurt to help define our strategy for growth. Not only did they help us with this, but they went over and above, simplifying what we offer and more importantly who we offer it to. We are now working with Blurt on a monthly basis to help grow and move the business forward.

Gunnar Bredow Director | Bridgehampton

We have been working with Blurt for some time now, their intervention has allowed us to make key changes to our business. They have excellent knowledge of the whole MSP landscape, and an innate ability to implement ideas and interventions that are easily accessible. We will certainly be working with Blurt closely as a valued partner going forward.

Ian Maclellan Director | Cloudstream

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